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Why Trek?

A project’s path is not always a straight line. We know from experience that the journey to an amazing end result comes with twists and turns. Our ability to manage those twists and turns effectively and efficiently is reflected in each project we have worked on.

With communication and collaboration at the forefront of our company culture you will not encounter those twists and turns on your own!

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About Jason

After moving my family from California to Utah back in 2008, I immediately started work for a General Contractor and over time began to realize I had the ability and drive to be a part of something bigger and ultimately better. My drive was for more effective communication and learning  to move outside of the everyday lines of construction in a calculated, yet creative way.

My dream of owning something of my very own that I created from the ground up became a reality with Trek. Trek is everything I wanted to see for a company and its clients in the General Contracting world. Our successful efforts to communicate, collaborate, and produce incredible results emulates and embodies what Trek is all about.

After watching my father work as a Demolition Contractor in his very own business, I aspired to be as hardworking and dedicated as he was. There’s a good deal of pride and accomplishment in having something of your very own that you created and built.

It wasn’t easy for my father and I witnessed his struggles and hardships for 27 years as he ran the business. His example of hard work and dedication is one I will never forget and one that continues to this day.

About Taylor

Taylor holds a Construction Management (CMT) degree from Weber State University as well as an Associate Constructor Certification from the American Institute of Constructors.

His widespread experience in commercial and multifamily construction includes: Office Manager - WRS Heavy Machinery Equipment, Project Engineer – Jacobsen Construction, Superintendent – Highmark Construction, Director – Premier Group.

His valuable skills include negotiation, value engineering, customer service, project control, sales and contractor relationships.

One of the keys to Taylor’s success has been maintaining a good reputation and positive relationships with everyone he works with. He has strong entrepreneurship values, is hardworking, reliable, motivated and educated in many areas that are only found by first-hand experiences.

Taylor will tell you that he is not smarter, more talented, or better than anyone. Rather he will work and try harder than anyone, driven by the high need for efficiency and effort.